Meet the Doctor


People get into healthcare for different reasons. For some, it’s to make money. Others it’s prestige. And others it’s to make a difference in people’s lives. Dr Gair was driven to get into helping others with their health needs because of a desire to “pay it forward” for what was done for him when he was severely injured playing high school football at age 16.

During his junior season, he suffered from lower back pain that gradually got worse with each week of play.  It went from a mild pain initially to severe pain that shot down his legs and into his feet on occasion. Each practice became agony to get through, but, like many athletes, he did not want to miss a game and just “sucked it up.”

Meet the Doctor

One of the most frustrating parts of that experience was first that many people did not believe he was in as much pain as he claimed to be in, some coaches thought he was faking it to get out of practice, and others who had never had back pain would say they just did not understand how such a young kid could really have their back affect their life so badly. Talk about zero empathy!

He sought the help of the team’s medical doctor, but all he was given were anti inflammatories and pain killers that just left him unable to focus in school but still injured and in severe pain. At times that pain was so bad that he would shake from it, and actually would punch the muscles in the buttocks, or lean into a door handle, as that would at least provide some temporary relief.