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Many people have foot pain, or flat feet, or high arches. Imbalances in the feet can cause knee pain, hip pain, muscle pain and cramps, and also low back pain.

In the past, orthotics were made with the patient sitting down and the doctor making a plaster cast of the foot. Strangely enough, some doctors still use this old fashioned method when much better technology exists to make a more precise orthotic. Many people’s orthotics did nothing more than make their pain worse.

The old fashioned orthotics that many doctors then prescribed were very rigid and uncomfortable, and usually only supported the inner arch. They were usually very expensive and did not have any satisfaction guarantee.

Rigid orthotics, like the ones most podiatrists still prescribe, will often create more pain due to some simple neurology. A rigid orthotic will restrict the movement of the joints. Anytime motion is restricted in a joint, pain nerves will be facilitated (stimulated to send more pain information).

When there is movement in a joint, pain nerves are turned down and their message is ignored by the brain. Here is an example: if you bang your hand into something and it hurts, you will automatically shake it, right? The pain seems to go down with that action. The reason is that when you cause movement in a joint, you turn down and ignore pain nerves.

Common Orthopedic Issues Treated

Flat Feet

Foot Pain

High Arches

These are the orthotics that I use at my office. We will do a FREE COMPUTERIZED DIGITAL SCAN for you that will give you the computerized analysis that you see on top. This scan will show how your feet are functioning when you are standing, not sitting without your weight on them.

If your scan reveals that you are a good candidate for custom orthotics, then we can order them for you. All orthotics come with a 1-year unconditional guarantee.

These orthotics are more flexible so that joint motion is improved so that pain nerves are turned down. Also, they support the 3 arches of your foot and come in many different style options to fit your unique needs.

They have styles for people who are athletes, ones for people who stand on hard surfaces all day, ones for people in tight dress shoes or heels, ones for women who wear open back shoes called “Invisathotics”, and even ones for kids.

Call us today to set up your free computerized scan. There is no obligation to get the orthotics. You can take your scan home, along with the brochure, and decide if they are right for you. Remember that there is the 1-year guarantee, so you risk nothing. You can even spread out your payments on a credit card, and in some cases, insurance will cover part or all of it. Prices top out at $550 and are as low as $179.

Also, the orthotics last a LONG time! My current pair is 5 years old and still work great. And my original pair is 13 years old and still work too. My only reason for getting new ones is because they improved the technology for making them.

So check out the Foot Levelers site and give us a call.

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