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Functional Blood Analysis

I have been in practice since 1999, and since that time I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients that are suffering from chronic health problems who feel frustrated with the help they are receiving, or better yet NOT receiving, from the conventional medical model.

Many of these patients are suffering from symptoms, such as low thyroid symptoms, with difficulty losing weight, thinning hair, lack of energy, poor digestion, etc, yet get frustrated because they are told all their blood tests are ‘normal’. Worse yet, many of those who actually do get diagnosed with something from their blood test feel little or no difference when medications are prescribed. Often these medications lead to side effects that require more medications to manage those side effects, and the next thing you know they are on a series of endless prescriptions. Does this sound like you? Many patients complain about needing large amounts of CAFFEINE just to make it through the day. Others report feeling exhausted or bloated after eating. And large numbers have blood sugar issues, ranging from full-blown diabetes to reactive hypoglycemia symptoms, such as feeling shaky or irritable if meals are missed, craving sweets, coffee, or energy drinks, waking up nauseated or exhausted, and much more.

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